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Free Stereo Glasses
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Stereoscopic 3D Web Ring List - Links
General Photo Links
3D Geology of National Parks - Awesome anaglyphs - USGS.
Arizona Cactus in 3D - Color Anaglyphs
The Fly in 3D - Micro-stereo.
NY Public Library - Small Town America, Stereo pairs. - Non-stereo, photo-tours of NYC's transportation infrastructure.
3D Glasses Online  -  Stock or special order 3-D glasses maker.
New York City Map - Vision and Sound Project by artist Marketa Bankova.
360° Panoptic Galleries - The fantastic work of Dan Millar.  -  Nice photos, nice design, nice...
Pacific Tides - Photos and thoughts of Thomas Sturm.  His blog comment about epc (bottom of page).
Ronald Dupont's Bubble Photos - Cool collection of well made IPIX shots.
Steve Tobin - Sculptor

Urantia Book - Universe guide.
Urantia Book Study Site 
Master Universe Almanac - A Urantia Book Compendium
United Jesusonians - A new Urantia web community
Zoetrope  -  Artist community
Betts Fine Minerals - Great pictures of colorful rocks and crystals.
Science Q&A's - About Everyday Phenomena - New Scientist
SWITCHcam - Live panning camera of Zürich.  You control it. - URL shortening service.
Towers Travel - Norristown, PA travel agency.
NPR - 20th Century's Top 100 musical works.
Life is Unfair - Details about a boxing clip.

Headway Consulting - San Antonio, TX

Dale Gombert - Dale's got several galleries of stereo images made using
a single camera including some stereo from video captures (dual moments).

I made this anaglyph construction using a stereo pair
captured by Dale during two moments of an airplane flight.