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Locus 1
Built for Philadelphia, PA


A locus is a place-finding sculpture.  Its pointers indicate relative position and distance for selected places on the Earth. 

Pointers emanate from a sphere.  The sphere is held up by a pole. 

The length of each locus pointer is based on the height of the pole and relates to the distance to the indicated place. 

The pole itself is a pointer.  It indicates both its own location and the location directly on the other side of the planet. 

Inscriptions on the pointers show the pointed-to place and it's through-the-earth distance.

Location disks on the ground assist visualization. 

An imaginary line might be perceived to run from the pointer, through the air, into the location disk, then on through the Earth, eventually passing through the place indicated on the pointer.

Locus sculptures differ with each geographical placement.  Sculptural styles can also differ.  The locus can blend science and art. 

A network of these objects can be built.

Locus is for contemplation and knowledge. 

The world is round.

There are people down there.




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