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  Anaglyphs from the Mars Rovers
  The Mars Exploration Rovers began exploring the Red Planet in January 2004.  While Rover Spirit makes tracks in Gusev Crater, Opportunity explores the dark surface of Meridiani Planum.  This site is a stereographic reflection of their journeys. 

View the anaglyphs with red/cyan filter glasses -  red over the left eye.  Red/blue works, too.  To get free anaglyph glasses for a SASE, follow this link.  Or buy more permanent ones.  These specs are often called silly.  They're not.  They're simple instruments that work with our brains.  Through them we can use our depth perception to remotely view other places and in this case, a neighboring planet. - DN

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  Sol  35   Adirondack Abraded  fhc     Sol  01   Spaceman  nc  
  36   Spirit Lander  Detail  nc     01   Instruments  nc  
  36   White Boat  pc     05   Bounce Marks Pan  nc  
  37   Wavy Bedforms  fhc     12   Lander / Tracks  fhc  
  37   Wide Area  pc     13   Snout Close  pc  
  39   Roaming Spirit  nc     13   Snout Outcrop  fhc  
  40   Grains, Hills  pc     17   Ridge  pc  
  40   Grains Detail  pc     19   Lander  nc  
  41   Pitted Rock  pc     19   Bedrock Plate  nc  
  41   Conch on Dune  pc     20   Outcrop A  B  C  pc  
  41   Big Rock  pc     23   Wheel Trench  fhc  
  43   Mössbauer  Detail  1  2  mi     23   Outcrop Wide  nc  
  45   Laguna Detail 1  2  nc     25   Trench Examined  fhc  
  45   Laguna Hollow  pc     28   Vugs  mi  
  45   Distant Hills  Detail     29   Spherule  mi  
  46   Cracked Rock     29   Wind Effect  nc  
  47   Laguna, Wheel  fhc     30   Ratted Spherule  mi  
  47   Laguna Trench   Detail  fhc     35   Ratted Spherule  mi  
  51   Humphrey Wide  pc     35   RAT Mark Wide  pc  
  52   Humphrey Close  pc    


  Rover 1  2  3  nc  
56   Humphrey Brushed  nc     New 49   Berries  mi  
  60   Inside Humphrey  mi     New 51   Lander  nc  
  New 67   Bonneville Crater  nc     New 57   Eagle Crater  nc  
  New 72   Serpent Scuff  nc            

                 pc-pancam      nc-navcam     fhc-front hazcam     rhc-rear hazcam     mi-micro imager


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