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Time Sweep > Rounding First
Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia - April 13, 1954
Season Opener - A's vs. Red Sox
Runner - Jimmy Piersall (Red Sox)
Construction by David Neufer
From the public domain film
"Miracle on the Delaware"
Found in the Prelinger Archives


Rounding First


 Detailed Views Below

Center of the print enlarged

The Making of
"Rounding First"
The original film (play the YouTube Clip below) was shot at Connie Mack Stadium during the opening game of the 1954 season, the final year for the Athletics in Philadelphia.  The camera's placement, low along the first base line, provided a unique view of Red Sox batter Jimmy Piersall's line drive double and his run to second base. 
In 2002, digital frames from this film were restored and assembled to form a panoramic print that shows nearly half of the venerable Connie Mack Stadium (formerly Shibe Park) along with 12 stop action views of Piersall's run to and beyond first base.

Jimmy Piersall was an outstanding center fielder, up there with Joe DiMaggio.  He made the All-Star team the year he hit this double.  Off the field, he's noted for his book "Fear Strikes Out." It tells of his struggle with mental illness.  Pretty dark stuff for such a wild guy.  He didn't think much of the movie version with Anthony Perkins. 

Enlargement of the first base portion.



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Connie Mack inside Connie Mack front
From Wikipedia:

Shibe Park, known for the last one-third of its existence as Connie Mack Stadium, was a Major League Baseball park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When it opened April 12, 1909, it became Major League Baseball's first steel-and-concrete stadium. [1]

It was on the block bounded by Lehigh Avenue, 20th Street, Somerset Street and 21st Street. It was thus just five blocks west, corner-to-corner, from Baker Bowl, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies that had opened in 1887. The stadium hosted two Major League Baseball All-Star Games; in 1943, marking the first time the game had been played at night, and in 1952, with that game holding the distinction of being the only All-Star contest shortened by rain (in this case, to five innings).

More at Wikipedia - Shibe Park

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