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Rounding First 

The image was made by combining digitized frames from a film shot showing a line-drive double hit by Jimmy Piersall of the Boston Red Sox.  The clip recorded his run from the plate to second base (see below).  Merging selected frames from this clip served two purposes.  It created a panoramic scan displaying nearly half of a long-gone temple of the game.  It also provided a Muybridge-like depiction of Piersall's hit and his movement down the line to beyond first base.

The game was played at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia (formerly called Shibe Park.)  The home-town Athletics faced the Red Sox.  The uniforms say that the day was cold.  The bunting draped from the upper decks says that this was a special game - in this case, the season opener played on April 13, 1954.  This was the last year for the A's in Philadelphia.  They would move on to Kansas City the following year and later to Oakland.   

Jimmy Piersall was an outstanding center fielder, up there with Joe DiMaggio.  He made the All-Star team the year he hit this double.  Off the field, he's noted for his book "Fear Strikes Out." It tells of his struggle with mental illness and about how hard it was living up to his father's expectations.  Pretty dark stuff for such a wild guy.  He didn't think much of the movie version with Anthony Perkins.

Prints of Rounding First are now available for purchase.  Print size is 6" x 40.5".  The extra-long panoramas are printed on high-quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive photo paper and are sent directly from the processing company to the address you indicate.  Prints are rolled and enclosed in strong mailing tubes that are sent through USPS Priority Mail.  Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing and delivery, though orders are often sent more quickly. 

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Time Sweep > Rounding First
Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia - April 13, 1954
Season Opener - A's vs. Red Sox
Runner - Jimmy Piersall (Red Sox)
Construction by David Neufer
From the public domain film "Miracle on the Delaware"
Found in the Prelinger Archives

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