San Francisco
Quake Aftermath

1906 Late April   "Panorama of City Hall from Top of U.S. Mint."  
Late April   "Panorama of Mission Street."  
    Late April   "Panorama [of] Market Street, San Francisco
 from Top of U.S. Mint."
    Late April   "Panorama from Grand Ave."  
    Late April   "Refugees in Jefferson Square."  
    May 9   From Natoma Street   
    May 9   Presidio Refugee Camp  
    May 9   Newspaper Row I  
    May 9   Newspaper Row II  
    Early May   "Walls were ordered razed by the authorities."  
    May 9   Mission Street between 4th and 3rd Streets  
    Early May   "Natoma Street, an alley" (Russian Émigrés)  
    Early May   Powell and Market