San Francisco 1906 Quake

1906 Late April   "Panorama of City Hall from Top of U.S. Mint."
(Actually filmed from the E. side of 8th St. at Market St.)





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Intertitle: "Panorama of City Hall from Top of U.S. Mint."

In fact, this right-to-left (north-to-northwest) panorama of the ruined City Hall was filmed from the east side of 8th Street at Market Street.  (. . .)  The principal features seen here are the Hall of Records, the east wing, Marshall Square with the Pioneer Monument in front of the ruined City Hall cupola, the ruined southwest wing, and Market Street (note the elaborate street lamp).

Because City Hall stood back from Market Street on a parallel street, ruins can be seen in front of parts of City Hall. In July 1993, in a spectacular engineering feat, the 1000-ton Pioneer Monument was moved in one piece to the site of the City Hall cupola on the (future) Fulton Street mall. The move makes room for a corner of San Francisco's new Main Library.