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"Panorama [of] Market Street,
San Francisco, from Top of U.S. Mint."

(Actually filmed from the N. side of Mission St. between 5th & 6th Sts.)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress



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Video Access & Further Information - Film One

Intertitle: "Panorama [of] Market Street, San Francisco, from Top of U.S. Mint."  This segment was actually filmed from the first floor of the ruined California Casket Company Building located near the Mint on the south side of Mission Street between 5th and 6th Streets. The segment is a right-to-left (north-northwest-to-west) pan.


At far right is the Flood Building, with the northwest corner of the Mint in the foreground. At distant center is the Saint Francis Hotel on Powell street and the Alexander Hotel behind it (left). The narrow tower at left is the Press Club Building on Ellis Street. Far beyond it on Nob Hill are the Flood mansion (left) and the Fairmont Hotel (right).


Popular Zinkand's Cafe had occupied the ground floor of the building reduced to the dramatic brick spires seen here behind a foreground ruin.

The towers of ruined apartment buildings and hotels are seen along Turk Street across Market Street. Note the man searching through rubble in the foreground.


The ruins of Hale Brothers Department Store at Market and 6th Streets fill the screen. Stevenson Street is in the foreground.


The ruins of St. Boniface Church are in the background.


At right center are an east-wing tower of City Hall and the adjacent dome of the Hall of Records. The Grant Building at 7th and Market streets hides the City Hall cupola. At left is the U.S. Post Office at 7th Street. Close to the camera and at left is the cornice of the California Casket Company Building.