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From Natoma Street
(Between 4th & 3rd)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress



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Video Access & Further Information - Film Two 

The film begins with a long, dramatic pan of downtown ruins viewed from Natoma Street between 4th and 3rd streets. The pan is from left to right (west to northeast). Buildings of interest are as follows: The old San Francisco Mint, with classic facade and two smokestacks is in the middle background. The Flood Building at Market and Powell streets is seen. The unfinished frame of the Butler Building (now I. Magnin's department store) rises behind the ruined apse of St. Patrick's Church on Mission Street. Note that the church facade had been demolished.


In the far background is the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill. Closer at left is the tower frame of the Whittell Building, unfinished at the time of the earthquake. The Call Building at left is obscured by the Aronson Building. The white Monadnock Building is at left, the dark multi-bayed Palace Hotel is at right. Both stand west of 3rd Street, facing Market Street. Note the traffic along distant 3rd Street, south of Market Street. The arched facade may be St. Patrick's School on Natoma Street.