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Powell and Market
(From NE Corner)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress



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The camera pans to the right (from northwest to north) from the north east corner of Powell and Market streets. The view swings past the steps of the ruined St. Ann's Building (the area was a swale between sand dunes, called St. Anne's Valley, during the gold-rush). Note the mailbox. The ruined facade of the Columbia Theater is seen next to the St. Ann's Building on Powell Street before pointing farther up Powell to the distant St. Francis Hotel on Union Square. 



Title: "Market and Powell Streets that memorable April of 1906." The pan continues across Powell Street to the southwest corner of the Flood Building.  Note the signs: "Office of the Treasurer [of the City and County of] San Francisco," "Safe Deposit Vaults Undamaged by Fire or Water - Vaults for Rent Prices Unchanged" and "Office of the Western National Bank." The Flood Building was refurbished and is currently (1993) undergoing a second refurbishing.