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Natoma Street, an alley
(Russian Émigrés)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress




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The location changes to Natoma Street, an alley just north of and parallel to Mission Street, between 3rd and New Montgomery streets.


The camera pans to the right from northwest to northeast. The large building with sets of triple windows is the Rialto Building, south of the Palace Hotel. The distant narrow white building to the right, beyond the nearby ruin, is the Union Trust Building on Market Street. To its right, the lower building with heavy roof cornice is the Wells Fargo Building at 2nd and Mission streets. A man is seen in the foreground as the pan continues to Natoma Street.


Title: "At mealtimes, when there was food to be had, troubles were banished. The street served as both kitchen and dining room."


While food was short only in the first few days after the fire, citizens were ordered to cook (but not eat) in the street until chimney inspection could be carried out. Few, if any, families camped out in the ruins, as shown here. If unable to stay with relatives, refugees went to camps or left the city. This family group (?) "having tea" in the ruins is attended by servants dressed in Russian style, possibly from San Francisco's Russian émigré community.