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"Panorama from Grand Ave."
(Actually filmed from Market St. near Stockton & Ellis Sts.)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress



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Video Access & Further Information - Film One

Intertitle: "Panorama from Grand Ave."  The correct name is Grant Avenue and the panorama was actually filmed almost a block southwest of Grant on Market Street near the Stockton and Ellis streets intersection.


The first part of the segment is a right-to-left (northeast-to-west) pan. The second part is a slow, close-up pan moving left-to-right, of a ruined lot on the west side of Stockton Street north of Ellis Street. This site is also seen in the background near the end of the first pan in the segment.


Bicycle and pedestrian traffic on Market Street reflects the lack of public transportation before the beginning of streetcar service on May 1, 1906.


The Call Building tower at 3rd and Market streets rises behind the Sorensen Jewelers Building. Beyond the Call Building are the Monadnock Building and the Palace Hotel.


A film assistant directs pedestrians out of the camera view.


The Mutual Savings Bank at Market and Kearny Streets is seen.


The view is of the rear wall of the elegant City of Paris Department Store, rebuilt on the site and now the location of Neiman-Marcus.


The unfinished frame of the Butler Building, now I. Magnin department store, is seen along Stockton Street at Geary Street, across from the City of Paris building.


The St. Francis Hotel and adjacent Alexander Hotel (left) rise in the background. Pedestrians are seen on Stockton Street and a work crew is busy in a lot across the street (see below).


The camera points up Ellis Street. The Flood Building stands on the left at Powell Street. The pan then drifts back up to Stockton Street.