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Newspaper Row
(From the SE corner of 3rd & Market Sts.)

Construction:  David Neufer
Film Source:  Library of Congress



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Video Access & Further Information - Film Two 

This left-to-right pan (north to southeast) was shot from the southwest corner of 3rd and Market streets. The intersection was formerly known as Newspaper Row or Newspaper Corner because of the many newspaper offices located here. Streetcars pass on Market Street. People watch safecrackers at work (note the sign advertising their services). A street clock stands before the entrance of the Mutual Savings Bank. A man pauses to look at the burnt bank entrance.

  The camera looks part way up Kearny Street. The view is northeast toward Lotta's Fountain (1875) and the Chronicle Building. Thick dust obscures Market Street and the distant Ferry Building. The ruins of the opulent Palace Hotel (left) and its modern neighbor, the Monadnock Building (right) are visible.  Looking across 3rd Street, the camera shows the dynamited remains of the Hearst Building and the exposed interior of the Monadnock Building.